Mine Tailings Dam Integrity

Realtime risk assessments

A solution for permanent geo-electrical monitoring of the condition of large sections of soil.

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Non-ionising Radiation

Electromagnetic Fields

Over the last century our exposure as humans to EMF has increased many thousands of times due to global technological advances.

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Ultra Violet Radiation

Exposure to Ultra Violet Radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer globally. Now you are able to know your UV risk instantaneously.

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Heat Stress

Thermal Stress Sampling

Heat stroke is a deadly condition. Ensure that your workforce is protected by understanding the WBGT Index and the PREDICTIVE HEAT STRAIN at your workplace.

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Noise Measurement

Hearing Loss

Prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss by understanding the noise exposure risk. Measure your noise levels instantaneously in full or one third octave.

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Workplace Lighting

Poor lighting equals poor productivity and can lead to workplace safety incidents. Check what your illumination levels are for all lighting types including LED's.

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Respirator Fit Testing

Quantitative Fit Testing

When issuing respirators make sure that you perform quantitative fit testing. No respiratory protection program is complete without it.

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Realtime Respirable Dust

Realtime Dust Sampling

Be able to know what your respirable dust concentrations are in realtime in order to take immediate action to protect your workers.

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Ventilation Systems

Airflow Monitoring

Evaluate the performance of your laboratory fume cupboards, ducting and other airflow systems regularly to ensure optimal performance.

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Indoor Air Quality

Healthy Office Air

Office air can be stale and contain many different pollutants that can adversely affect the health of the office worker. Know the air you breath!

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OH Sampling

OH Sampling Media

Occupational Hygiene Sampling is only as reliable as the quality of the equipment you use, use precision sampling equipment. Make sure you use the best!

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Flow Calibration

Precision Flow

Quality assurance when quantifying hazardous airborne pollutant exposure is not negotiable. Perform primary standard air sampling equipment calibration.

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